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Green Giant Seasoned Steamers (#Giveaway)

With a dash of imagination, a pinch of culinary skill, and a heap of flavor, Green Giant Seasoned Steamers™ are giving you a new reason to enjoy eating your vegetables. Shake up your vegetable routine with these flavorful, chef-inspired options that are seasoned to perfection, without a drop of sauce. Now, more than ever, you can leave your family craving more vegetables with every meal and break through meal monotony with a new palate-pleasing vegetable option for everyone! With new Green Giant® Seasoned Steamers™, eating vegetables just got easier and more delicious! I absolutely love Green Giant corn. Click here to see the recipe!! »

What do I do with Rice Vinegar?

A few years ago I picked up some Nakano Rice Vinegar on clearance at Kroger. I had know idea what it was for but I figured for $1.00, I’d wonder around google and find out! I was very glad that I spent that buck because it made me learn a whole new level of cooking with a product I knew nothing about.

Seriously folks, for flavor like you’ve never experienced before, try Nankano Rice Vinegars.  Offering an All-Natural and a variety of Seasoned Rice Vinegar flavors, Nakano is perfect for splashing on sensational salads, amazing appetizers and scrumptious center-of-the-plate entrees. It also makes for an excellent marinade for proteins! They have a sweet, light flavor that dress up any dish. Simply splash it on everything from salads to pasta to meat and vegetables! Of all of the flavors that Nakano offers, John and I kill through the Italian Herb Red Wine Vinegar. We are big sandwich eaters and this stuff is AMAZING on Turkey and Swiss. It’s really delicious on every deli meet and cheese I have tried but the Turkey and Swiss is my favorite. We probably use 2 bottles a month of this stuff. It is a fantastic substitute for mayonnaise!

I really hope that you will venture out to your local store and try some of these and come back and tell me if you loved them! It’s okay if you don’t like them too. You can tell me!

Click here to see the recipe!! »

Splash it on and Step it Up with Nakano

For awhile now, I have been making much better choices but I still refuse to eat a plate of plain lettuce and call it dinner. I am also trying more and more to get better eating habits instilled in the boys. They are still little boys but I do what I can :) I happy to report that I have officially lost 10 lbs! Healthier eating is playing a huge part in that. This is a hard obstacle  for me since I really love food!

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a Mizkan Blogger Advocate, and in the time I have been partnering with them, I have falling in love with the line of Nakano Splash products. Because of this, I am so excited to tell you about their new summer challenge! It’s called the Nakano Splash it On, Step it Up.  This new campaign is to help you move your butt a little more this summer and make healthier eating choices. I am not a big vegetable eater but they want to help me too! I would love to say that I want to make Mom proud and eat my vegetables but, it’s very difficult to me. I am an extremely picky eater. Click here to see the recipe!! »

Recipe: Mixed Vegetable Nut Loaf (Meatless)

I am a lover of meatloaf but for some reason, I will only eat my own! The other night I was just feelingin the mood for meatloaf and madhed potatoes. I didn’t feel like running to the store to get ground beef so I tried this recipe from Nakano. Meat loaf without meat! Just the tasty flavors of vegetables, mushrooms and crunchy nuts laced with herbs. A food processor makes fast work for all the chopped ingredients – nuts and bread crumbs too! Please let me know what you think if you try this!

NOTE: Vegetables, nuts and bread crumbs should be finely chopped, but not minced.

Click here to see the recipe!! »

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