Splash it on and Step it Up with Nakano

For awhile now, I have been making much better choices but I still refuse to eat a plate of plain lettuce and call it dinner. I am also trying more and more to get better eating habits instilled in the boys. They are still little boys but I do what I can :) I happy to report that I have officially lost 10 lbs! Healthier eating is playing a huge part in that. This is a hard obstacle  for me since I really love food!

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a Mizkan Blogger Advocate, and in the time I have been partnering with them, I have falling in love with the line of Nakano Splash products. Because of this, I am so excited to tell you about their new summer challenge! It’s called the Nakano Splash it On, Step it Up.  This new campaign is to help you move your butt a little more this summer and make healthier eating choices. I am not a big vegetable eater but they want to help me too! I would love to say that I want to make Mom proud and eat my vegetables but, it’s very difficult to me. I am an extremely picky eater.

Are you a picky eater too? Do you want to eat healthier? Need a kick in the butt? (You know you do!) Head over to the Nakano Facebook Page and check it out! Like them for the latest on the sweepstakes. It’s your chance to win great prizes including a year  long gym membership or 6 personal training sessions. Join the thousands of people who will be tracking their steos on the Step It Up Step-O-Meter!

Disclosure: I’m a Mizkan Blogger Advocate and was compensated in some form for this post.  Any views and opinions expressed on this post are solely my own and is the property of MAK Media, LLC. If supplied, any products mentioned did not persuade my personal beliefs or views. I was under no obligation to write a positive post. You can read more about our Policy Disclosure here.

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