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Recipe: 5 styles of Chex Party Mix + #Giveaway

 Chex® Party Mix is mixing it up with a fresh idea that puts a whole new spin on the classic cookie exchange. Ditch the hours of baking and make 15 minute Chex Party Mix recipes instead – all you need is a microwave and some friends to stir up the fun.

The concept is simple – invite some friends over for a party and ask everyone to make enough of their favorite Chex Party Mix recipe to exchange with party guests. Taste, mix, swap, and share the recipes, putting the treats in easy DIY packages for everyone to take home.
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Burger King Crown Program – $25 GC #Giveaway

IMAGINATION IS KING at Burger King. The new BK Crown Program, built to inspire every kid’s imagination and encourage kids to help choose how BK gives back, brings families together to enjoy not just a meal but a mealtime experience.

  • The BK Crown Program comes in a fully interactive Kids Meal box. Sitting atop each box is a newly redesigned Burger King crown, because every kid deserves to be treated like royalty at Burger King! With crowns on their heads, kids can dive into the box, taking it apart, playing fun games and activities that challenge their minds, inspire their imagination and engage with the whole family. Click here to see the recipe!! »

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (#Giveaway)

Searching for a quick and convenient side dish that appeals to all of your hungry eaters? Thanks to Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables with Pasta, pleasing your entire family just became an easy fix.

Making meal time easier than ever, Green Giant has introduced vegetables with pasta and savory sauces to their already convenient and tasty line-up of Valley Fresh Steamers frozen mixes.
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Kung Fu 2 Panda Prize Pack Review & Giveaway

The boys are big fans of Kung Fu Panda. I love watching it with them just to listen to the amazing sound of their laughter. I of course sit there at certain parts and don’t have a clue what is so funny. I either lack the ability to think like 4 and 8 year old boys or I am just an uncool Mom. Yea, I am going with the first one as I am totally cool!

This year, Kung Fu Panda is back! General Mills is teaming up with DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 2 to bring the action-packed adventures right to your breakfast table.

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