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Recipe: Simple Kid Friendly Mini Oreo Cheesecakes



#Recipe: Simple Kid Friendly Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Thank you for visiting A Few Fries Short. I will be closing this blog down in time. I hope you will visit me and enjoy all of the recipes to follow on

Recipe: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Cupcakes

It is that time of year again where we all stock up on yummy Girl Scout cookies. I ended up with 15 boxes and had to find something to do with them other that grabbing 15 boxes and a gallon of milk :) The boys and I were making cupcakes and Royal asked if we could put cookies in them. I have had cupcakes with Oreo’s in them so I figured why not! The cookie get a little soft after baking and they were awesome.

Theses are so easy to make. Get the children involved and have a blast!

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Baking with McCormick (#Giveaway)

I am so ashamed to say that I am so late getting this post up that it’s not even funny! the emails just kept getting buried until I forgot about it :( …..BUT, I still wanted you guys to have to have the opportunity to win some great McCormick stuff that I am posting it now!

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Normally it is Christmas cookies that we are making but my nieces were in town and it was to cold to spend the day at the park so, we made cookies! I wasn’t able to get any pics of the complete project because the kids were just going nuts with frosting and sprinkles.

We used McCormick food coloring to color the frosting black, candy corn to make cat faces. My Mother-in-Law is always so happy when I bring her McCormick Black Food Coloring. It’s so hard to find around here for some reason (so she tells me) and for all of the baking she does, it’s a pain in the butt to make it. I think she is good for a few holidays now!

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Wilton goes back to the 3rd grade

Since my son’s birthday is in July, he misses out on celebrating it at school. The teachers usually let them pick any day they want during the year to be there “school birthday”. This yea Royal decided he wanted it to be on the last day of school. As if this time of year is not crazy enough lol

I decided to just do cupcakes. It was the least mess and hassle for the teacher and I of course am a considerate mom ;) The only thing about this is I hate to frost them and I am still in the learning stages with pastry bag. I took a few classes for it this year so while  I am not horrible at it, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

I didn’t want to do anything to time consuming but I also wanted them to be cute. I had a bunch or Wilton Cupcake Wraps left over from a previous project so I figured I would just use those up. I also knew that I wanted to fill the cupcakes just for a little fun. I had never filled a cupcake before so I was a little nervous but it turned out being very simple.

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