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How to Peel a Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

How many times have you wanted to make a salad or just had a craving for a hard boiled egg? I personally love eggs and could eat egg salad everyday if my body permitted it. The problem I have always had is getting that pesky shell off. More times than not, I take half of the egg with it. On a rare occasion I will get one peeled perfect, I am all excited like a high school girl getting asked to the prom.


It couldn’t be just me right? So I hopped around the web looking for other people who had had the horrible “egg peeling luck” as well. Guess what? We are among friends! Well, other bad egg people at least. This picture from Mother Fitness made me feel absolutely wonderful. Mine have come out something like that in the past!

While on the hunt for how to find a way to waste less egg, I found so many ideas.  I was going nuts trying to find one and I was certainly not going to kill dozens of eggs to see if they actually worked or not. I went for the simplest one and the one that popped up most.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the water. Why? To raise its pH level. Also cook your eggs a little bit longer to allow the whites to set firmly. Some people have reported that doing this can make the eggs taste more sulfuric. I for one didn’t notice it at all. I made a half dozen eggs.

Have you ever tried this method? Did it work for you?

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#Recipe: Orzo Pepperoni Cake

I was looking for a fast, simple and delicious breakfast that I could prepare for the boys the night before when I found this recipe in one of my Robin Miller cook books. I mixed it up a little with what I had in the house. Below are the books directions with my alterations. I am going to try this one again with ham as we are not really big pepperoni fans. However, it was delicious the way it came out!

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Wordless Wednesday: Still makes me breakfast

Whenever I go home and visit my Mom, at almost 33, she still makes me breakfast

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