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Splash it on and Step it Up with Nakano

For awhile now, I have been making much better choices but I still refuse to eat a plate of plain lettuce and call it dinner. I am also trying more and more to get better eating habits instilled in the boys. They are still little boys but I do what I can :) I happy to report that I have officially lost 10 lbs! Healthier eating is playing a huge part in that. This is a hard obstacle  for me since I really love food!

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a Mizkan Blogger Advocate, and in the time I have been partnering with them, I have falling in love with the line of Nakano Splash products. Because of this, I am so excited to tell you about their new summer challenge! It’s called the Nakano Splash it On, Step it Up.  This new campaign is to help you move your butt a little more this summer and make healthier eating choices. I am not a big vegetable eater but they want to help me too! I would love to say that I want to make Mom proud and eat my vegetables but, it’s very difficult to me. I am an extremely picky eater. Click here to see the recipe!! »

Put an end to Food Fights with your kids + Giveaway

The ways that children differ in the way they eat these days is insane. I often go to school and have lunch with my sons and it’s very hard not to notice what other kids are pulling out of their lunch boxes. I’ve seen everything from carrots to candy bars. To each their own but there is no way I would send my sons to school with a candy bar in his lunch box. On occasion I will sneak a little something in there as a surprise. Maybe a “Kiss” or something as a treat. My son’s are not extremely picky eaters as a whole, but, they just are not big on vegetables. It’s not for my lack of trying.

As a kid I remember my parents forcing us to eat our vegetables. I think the purpose of that in the long run failed because today, I still don’t like most vegetables or seafood. I decided long before I even had kids that I wasn’t going to force them to eat things they didn’t like. However, I would make them try everything, and I do. You can’t force someone to like something no matter how many times you make them eat it.

Once a week I let the boys pick anywhere they want to go for dinner. They have a few favorite places which include a pizza buffet and a Chinese buffet. Now do I think a pizza buffet is good for them 7 days a week? Of course not but a few times a month is okay. I don’t let them eat until they are sick. They know how much they are allowed to have and even when they hit the dessert end, they know they are each only allowed to have one item. I also take weeks where we will go over what will be cooked for the week. I have found that giving them some input rather than telling them this is it, eat it or like it, has gone a long way. Click here to see the recipe!! »

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