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What do I do with Rice Vinegar?

A few years ago I picked up some Nakano Rice Vinegar on clearance at Kroger. I had know idea what it was for but I figured for $1.00, I’d wonder around google and find out! I was very glad that I spent that buck because it made me learn a whole new level of cooking with a product I knew nothing about.

Seriously folks, for flavor like you’ve never experienced before, try Nankano Rice Vinegars.  Offering an All-Natural and a variety of Seasoned Rice Vinegar flavors, Nakano is perfect for splashing on sensational salads, amazing appetizers and scrumptious center-of-the-plate entrees. It also makes for an excellent marinade for proteins! They have a sweet, light flavor that dress up any dish. Simply splash it on everything from salads to pasta to meat and vegetables! Of all of the flavors that Nakano offers, John and I kill through the Italian Herb Red Wine Vinegar. We are big sandwich eaters and this stuff is AMAZING on Turkey and Swiss. It’s really delicious on every deli meet and cheese I have tried but the Turkey and Swiss is my favorite. We probably use 2 bottles a month of this stuff. It is a fantastic substitute for mayonnaise!

I really hope that you will venture out to your local store and try some of these and come back and tell me if you loved them! It’s okay if you don’t like them too. You can tell me!

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Sante’ Specialty Nuts

Six years ago, Sara Tidhar found herself in a predicament. She had suddenly become a single mom and realized that to make ends meet, her stay-at-home status had to change. And quick.

So she did what came naturally: She started to cook. She hoped the comfort she felt at the stove would help her think of a way to continue putting food on the table. But it was her son who came up with the solution: “Mom, you should sell those nuts you make for us.”
 Sara had been making roasted nuts for her kids since they were little. She felt good about giving them a healthy snack, and the kids were crazy about them.

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