Who says you can’t eat a checkerboard? (Giveaway)

In the past year I am trying to be more fun with things for the kids. I am not a very crafty person so I depend on the tricks and cheats to make things look like I really know what I am doing! I am a cook, not a baker so when I wanted to make something a little different, I turned to Wilton. I own so many Wilton specialty pans it is unreal. My mom buys me them for every holiday and occasion you can imagine.

I looked all over for this pan and I just couldn’t find it locally anywhere! I wrote the folks at Wilton and they made my day and sent me one. This is not a difficult pan to use but it definitely required a little bit of patience to use. For my first time using it, it came out “OK”. The cake is supposed to be 3 layers but to be honest, it uses a lot of cake and I ended up only having enough to make 2 levels.

I learned from Googling for pictures of other peoples cakes using this pan that getting this cake to line up perfectly is not going to be that easy.

I used 2 boxes of white cake mix and I just added some red food coloring to make it pink. I might suggest following Wiltons cake recipe for this one to ensure that you have the correct amount of cake mix for 2 layers. I found it a real pain using a boxed mix which was why I only did 2 layers. You can use any flavor or color of cake that you wish.

Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray pans and ring lightly with Pam. Prepare your cake, whether it is a homemade or boxed cake.

Place Batter Dividing Ring into one prepared pan.

Place Batter Dividing Ring in the first prepared 9 x 11/2 in. pan. Pour darker colored batter in outer and center sections and lighter colored batter in the middle section. Fill sections halfway. ((for convenient filling, place batter in disposable decorating bag, I tried to pour it in at first and oh boy, what a mess.)

Remove ring from pan by carefully lifting straight up on handles. Rinse and completely dry ring.

Place ring in 2nd prepared pan and repeat steps 1 and 2. These will be the top and bottom layers of your checkerboard cake.

Place clean and dry ring in 3rd prepared pan. Pour lighter colored batter in outer and center sections and darker colored batter in the middle section. Fill sections halfway. This will be the middle layer of your checkerboard cake.

Remove ring from pan as before. When you remove the ring, do this slowly and it should slip out perfectly. I didn’t have any trouble with this step. Bake 30-35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

Depending on how many layers you want to do, simply stack your cakes on top of each other, placing a layer of icing between each cake. Be sure you alternate your cakes so you get the checkerboard look when you cut it. For my first attempt I don’t think it came out TO bad. I couldn’t seem to get a clean cut either so it’s probably not the best finished product pic!


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