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Recipe: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Cupcakes

It is that time of year again where we all stock up on yummy Girl Scout cookies. I ended up with 15 boxes and had to find something to do with them other that grabbing 15 boxes and a gallon of milk :) The boys and I were making cupcakes and Royal asked if we could put cookies in them. I have had cupcakes with Oreo’s in them so I figured why not! The cookie get a little soft after baking and they were awesome.

Theses are so easy to make. Get the children involved and have a blast!

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Recipe: 10 Red Hot Desserts

Happy Holidays! Right about now, you’re probably winding down from a wonderful holiday season filled with great family, great friends, and of course, great food!

Thankfully, Betty Crocker is here to help make cooking and entertaining easier than ever with Betty Crocker’s Red Hot Holiday Trends 2011! The food experts at Betty Crocker have selected trends that will be red hot this holiday season, and have created delicious recipes to bring each one to life. These fun and delicious recipes are sure to fire up any holiday event, and keep you toasty and warm for the New Year ahead.

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Recipe: 5 styles of Chex Party Mix + #Giveaway

 Chex® Party Mix is mixing it up with a fresh idea that puts a whole new spin on the classic cookie exchange. Ditch the hours of baking and make 15 minute Chex Party Mix recipes instead – all you need is a microwave and some friends to stir up the fun.

The concept is simple – invite some friends over for a party and ask everyone to make enough of their favorite Chex Party Mix recipe to exchange with party guests. Taste, mix, swap, and share the recipes, putting the treats in easy DIY packages for everyone to take home.
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#Recipe: Traditional Homemade Apple Pie

I asked the boys what kind of pies they wanted for Thanksgiving this year and, of course, they both picked a different one. Spencer wanted a Pumpkin Pie and Royal wanted an Apple Pie. Okay, I went with that! Here is the Apple that I made. Hope you enjoy it!

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