Weight Watchers: Trimming Down Can Taste Good

It’s grilling season, and we all know how tempting it can be to over indulge during backyard BBQ’s. Personally, I am a cheeseburger kinda girl. I can’t eat a burger if it doesn’t have cheese! But, we all know that cheese can be killer on the waste line if you indulge in to much of it. Before you hold the cheese on that burger, rest assured that it’s possible to enjoy your favorite foods without all the calories. In an effort to help you create a better-for-you grilling experience for the whole family,I have teamed up with Mom Select to bring you sensible options from Weight Watchers Cheese! Are you sitting there crinkling your noise? Most “diet” food tastes bad right? I mean if it’s supposed to be better for you, it’s going to taste awful right? Being Italian, I am a big fan of cheese.. I love everything from Havarti to your basic cheddar. I wouldn’t say that I am a cheese expert or anything but, I know my cheeses. Weight Watchers Cheeses are all low in calories, fat and sodium so you don’t have to choose between these benefits and can enjoy the rewards of all three at once. Here is what I received to try… Make sure you scroll down to the “My Finding” part!

  • Weight Watchers Jalapeno Pepper Gourmet Cheese Wedges
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Onion and Chive Cream Cheese Spread
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat PepperJack Singles

My Findings: When I opened this box I was a bit disappointed. The only thing that I was excited to try was the Whipped Onion and Chive Cream Cheese Spread. I love strawberries but I hate almost everything strawberry flavored. While I love cheese, I am not a fan of PepperJack because I don’t like the heat or the pepper flavor….. normally…

Let’s start with the Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Onion and Chive Cream Cheese Spread. It was a very creamy and easy to spread treat. I had it on a basic salt-less wheat cracker. It’s a savory whipped treat to enjoy at all times of the day, on bagels, sandwiches, veggies… whatever you like! It is also unique in its category – no one but Weight Watchers Cheese offers a reduced fat whipped onion and chive cream cheese. It has less fat than regular whipped onion and chive cream cheese, added fiber and all the flavor you want. In a two-tablespoon serving, the spread has only 60 calories and a PointsPlus value of 2. I think I might have gone over a little ;)

Next up is Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Pepper Jack Singles. I don’t usually like individually wrapped cheese on my sandwiches. For some reason, right from the deli cheese makes a big difference. However, when making a hot sandwich, you can’t tell the difference really. These Pepper Jack individually-wrapped singles make it easy to enjoy the ooey-gooey goodness of melted cheese without all the fat and sodium of regular cheese singles. They are an excellent source of calcium with 25 percent of the recommended daily dose in every single along with 1 gram of fiber per single. Each slice has 45 calories and a PointsPlus value of 1. The claim is that the jalapeño peppers in these singles add a hint of heat to burgers, sandwiches, paninis, and more. Personally, we used them to make Grilled Turkey and Cheese sandwhiches and I didn’t think these were hot by any means. I am a baby when it comes to “hot” foods and this was very good. We also made turkey burgers and used the cheese as well. If you don’t eat turkey burgers, try them like this!

Are you getting hungry yet?! My favorite so far, the Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread. This decadent, fruity variety of the Original Weight Watchers Whipped Cream Cheese is the only one of its kind on the market – you won’t find reduced fat whipped strawberry cream cheese from anyone but Weight Watchers Cheese. With a fluffy, whipped consistency, each two-tablespoon serving has 60 calories, a PointsPlus value of 2, and is sure to freshen up the blandest of breakfasts. Like I mentioned earlier, big fresh strawberry fan but not a strawberry flavored fan. I was very reluctant to try this. To my surprise, the flavor is very light. It’s almost as if you don’t even taste it at first but then you get the strawberry flavor. I had this on a wheat bagel is and was devine!

I saved this one for last because it actually took me about 4 days to even get the courage to try it. The Weight Watchers Jalapeno Pepper Gourmet Cheese Wedges is a spreadable cheese that is perfect for spreading onto crackers, fruits, vegetables, bread and more as a quick, filling snack. Each rich and creamy wedge packs 2 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber into just 30 calories, and has a PointsPlus® value of 1. Once again, as I mentioned earlier, I do not like heat or peppers. But… I had to try it! It is an extremely creamy cheese. Almost melts in your mouth. This was one a little hotter than the Pepper Jack cheese. I had a bottle of water on hand and a little sip did just fine. No lingering burn in your mouth. While it wasn’t my favorite of all I tried, it was decent for me personally. I wouldn’t buy this one because it’s not something I liked but not because it was a bad product. Have you tried any of these? What did you think? These are great products to add to your meals and not feel guilty :)

Do you do the Weight Watchers Program? Have you tried the cheeses? What do you think!?

If you have read this far then you deserve a coupon! Here is a printable for $1 off any Weight Watchers Cheese product, and it’s good for 30 days after it’s downloaded and printed! Happy Shopping!

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