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Do you love cooking with wine?

If you love cooking with wine, Holland House is a great place to venture. I have been cooking with them for about two years. The selection of these products is just fantastic. If you can’t come up with something to make, just add one of these to any basic meat or pasta sauce and you are good to go! Holland House Cooking Wine and Premium Vinegars are a welcome addition to any kitchen. Whether you want to make sauces, marinades, glazes or sautés, these cooking wines are the key. They have robust aromas that enhance even the simplest of dishes. For something incredible, open a bottle of Holland House Premium Vinegar- the flavors come alive, marinades sing and salads dazzle. If you are cooking with kids in the house, the alcohol cooks out of the dishes. Just make sure you cook all of your sauces well and to a boil when possible. If you are not a wine drinker, which I am not, you might want to choose recipes that call for the smaller amounts. I made Pasta Amatriciana last year, which called for a cup of the wine, and it was to much wine flavor for me. I am not a drinker by any means. I tried the recipe at a later date with just 1/2 cup of the wine and it was much better :)

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Recipe: Pasta Amatriciana

I was very excited to try this recipe and I have to tell you I was a bit disappointed. It had nothing to do with the recipe being good or bad, it was good, it just wasn’t for us. This is only my second encounter with cooking wines and I expected more of the wine taste to cook off. I don’t drink so the called for amount was a bit much. My friend, who is an ex chef, even thought it was a bit much. I listed the recipe as written originally but with some suggestions. I used Spaghetti even though I originally was going to use Angel hair. I thought the chunky sauce might be a little much for the fine pasta. I hope you will give this a try and let me know what you think! It was very easy to prepare.

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