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The Ultimate Cloth


I was asked a while back if I would like to review this cleaning product.  I said sure, why not?  Even though I am married, work full time and a dad, I still do my share of cleaning around the house.  So when I received an Ultimate Cloth for free, I decided to wait to use it until after my wife came back from being out of town for 3 days.  I figured a man, 2 young boys and a dog home alone for 1/2 a week will put it to the test.  I was right.

The Ultimate Cloth came in a plain  envelope.  I opened it up and out slid a baggie with a sheet of paper and the cloth in it.  I remember my 1st thought being that The Ultimate Cloth looked like a cheap paper place mat, but only thicker.  As soon as I opened it up, I tried to just rip it apart.  I was surprised that I couldn’t.  Little did I know that was just the first of many surprises.  I have a picture gallery at the end of this post where you can see the dramatic results!

The instructions are very easy.  Wet it in warm water, wring it out well, fold it in quarters and use flat.   This way you have 8 surfaces to clean with before you have to stop and clean it.  As I switched from area to area as I was cleaning, I cleaned it by simply washing it out it warm water and wringing it dry.  You can wash it in a washing machine, but no fabric softener and you can only air dry it.

We have Corian counter tops and after I do the dishes, I have a system that I go through to clean the counter top.  I first use a green scratchy pad to wet the counter and rub off anything that is crusted there from cooking.  Then I switch to a sponge with soap to clean the counter.  Next comes a wash cloth to rinse it off and paper towels to dry it.  Every time I clean the counter, I go through this same process.   So using the Ultimate Cloth as instructed, I cleaned the counter.  That’s it.  Just the 1 step.  I was done.  I couldn’t believe it.  I went and got the Lysol disinfecting wipes out because I knew that the counter couldn’t possibly be clean after just one pass.  As you can see in the picture, there is absolutely no dirt, grime, or whatever on the Lysol wipe.  My counter was clean.  I rinsed it out and moved on to the next test.

Next came the master bathroom.  I have been helping my sons brush their teeth in there and the mirror and counter were nasty!  Plus with no female in the house using that bathroom, it has gotten messy.  The information on the cloth says it will not streak mirrors.  It says you can use it on any surface in your home.  As you can see from the pictures, it did wonders on the mirror and the faucet.  It did an equally great job on the counter.  I didn’t take pictures of the counter because it already cleaned the downstairs counter great.  I did however take a picture of the Ultimate Cloth after cleaning the counter.  You can see how much grime it did pick up.  I did go on to clean the toilet after that and it did an equally amazing job on the porcelain.  After I finished there I decided that I wasn’t going to clean anything else with it until I washed in the washing machine, so down the chute it went.

There is a ton of information about this cloth and how it works.  It can be found HERE on their website.

There is a large F.A.Q. section on their website that can be found HERE.

To purchase one, which I do recommend, you can do that HERE.

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