RockBuds – Earbuds that ROCK!

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of the RockBuds to try out.  All because I was taking my wife’s ChicBuds to use with my mp3 player when I worked out.

Well, today I put them to the test!  I worked out for 90 minutes at my gym while using them.  Then I came home and did all my yard work while still wearing them.  Not only were they really comfortable, but when I was doing my yardwork, which included using a gas trimmer, lawnmower and gas blower, I had no problem hearing my music!  That was such a nice change from the drone of the gas engines that I usually have to listen to.  There are several things that I love about my RockBuds. First of all the earbud is actually shaped to fit my ear. The other earbuds I’ve worn are round and hurt my ear after a few minutes. The RockBuds earbud is actually shaped to fit comfortably in my ear. With all my other headphones I’ve ever had, when I was done wearing them, I would just wrap the cord around something and over time, the wire would break or get damaged. With my RockBuds, I don’t have that problem. It retracts and doesn’t get pinched so the cord doesn’t get damaged. Another thing I love about my RockBuds is that it clips on. That way when I am wearing them, they just don’t hang from my ears.

ChicBuds is coming out with more products for guys.  I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.  As I looked around their site, I kept finding things I thought would make excellent gifts for women.  Another thing that really surprised me is that you don’t have to buy them online.  I was amazed at all the locations that carry them, including Best Buy!

I would like to thank Kailynn from ChicBuds for letting me have such a great product for my first review ever!

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