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Recipe: Jamaican Shepherd’s Pie

I don’t think there are any rules to what you can put in a Shepard’s Pie. It is another one of those versatile dishes that you can make your own. I love to make it because the kids love it, it’s hearty and well who doesn’t love mashed potatoes with all kinds of yummy goodness hiding under it? I like this one because it puts a little spin on what most people are used to when they make Shepard’s Pie. You can’t go wrong with potatoes and cheese, especially with little mouths around the house. The boys are not fans of onion but I can hide them in this. I even hide them from myself! Please tell me what you think!

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Recipe: Mixed Vegetable Nut Loaf (Meatless)

I am a lover of meatloaf but for some reason, I will only eat my own! The other night I was just feelingin the mood for meatloaf and madhed potatoes. I didn’t feel like running to the store to get ground beef so I tried this recipe from Nakano. Meat loaf without meat! Just the tasty flavors of vegetables, mushrooms and crunchy nuts laced with herbs. A food processor makes fast work for all the chopped ingredients – nuts and bread crumbs too! Please let me know what you think if you try this!

NOTE: Vegetables, nuts and bread crumbs should be finely chopped, but not minced.

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Recipe: Honey Mustard Chicken Fingers

As you can probably tell if you are a frequent reader of this site, I am in fact a chicken addict. This are probably the fastest chicken tenders I have ever made. Since our store seemed to have a run on Corn Flakes, I used a Toasted Corn cereal. It didn’t really come out as crispy as it should have so I do recommend making sure you use Corn Flakes. Next, The recipe calls for 6 to 1 on the Mayo and Honey Mustard sauce. I don’t think the flavor was there so I recommend using 5 tbsp of Mayo and 2 tbsp of Honey Mustard.
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Recipe: 30 Minute Cajun Chicken

Think you can’t cook? Do you watch those “30 Minute Meal” shows hoping to pick up something fast and easy? It’s true, you really can make something fast and simple in 30 minutes. I think this recipe would go great with some corn on the cob! It only takes 10 minutes to put together (It took me 7!) ans 20 minutes to bake. This is a much faster option to my previous Cajun Chicken recipe. I am loving these recipes so much for days when I don’t have a lot of time or I just don’t feel like getting into a long dinner process. My favorite part, not many dishes! I love these fast recipes because the chicken stays so moist. I hate dried out chicken.
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